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“The accounting profession is going through the biggest change in last 40 years – Stuart Black FCPA”.

The next generation of accounting is here. Cloud accounting & social media has changed the way we used to do
accounting. Its more responsive, more communicative than ever.

Mission - To provide our clients with an efficient accounting system so that they could make most informed decisions on time every time and keep stepping towards achieving their strategic goals.

Objectives - We start from setting up business goals. We break down those goals in years, months & weeks and place the strategies to achieve those.

Fixed Fee - We provide detailed quote for our services. Our clients know what they expect from us & what they pay for, before engagement.

Low Cost & High Value - We believe in providing value to our clients. Value for money is very important in designing our services.

Technology & Innovation - We look ahead & love working with technology. We implemented XERO in our practice & for our clients 3 years ago when it was relatively new for other bookkeeping & accounting firms.

Paperless Practice - We are a paperless practice & so are a lot of our clients. We developed online document management system couple of years ago. XERO has launched its generic online filing system too - a new addition in XERO's awesome features.

Transparent - We work together with clients & combine our professional skills with their business skill and achieve the desired results

Approachable - We are not just 9 to 5 Monday to Friday business. We are more than happy to answer our client’s queries after hours.

100% Customer Service - We as organisation maintain the culture to do our best to provide our clients with the best experience at every instance.

CPA Professional Standard - Friendly to talk & work together but we strictly follow CPA Professional Standards in completing the work. We maintain the Organisation Culture of completing work before due dates.


Strategic Objectives

To set up an efficient accounting system in alignment with your business strategic goals. The system will keep you on the top of all your tax office requirements.
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